Zebra Nail Designs – Get the Stripes on Your Nails

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Animal print is so hips among the fashionista. It can be applied to your wardrobes or accessories. One of the animal prints which is often used for the fashion style is zebra stripes. The combination of black and white stripes is a classic combination. Now, you can try to apply the zebra stripes on your nails to get the zebra nail designs.

To create zebra nail designs, you can use the combination of white, black, red, or pink. Creating zebra nail designs do not means you always have to use the combination of white and black nail polish. Try to combine pink and black or red and black to create a feminine and girly zebra nail designs. For the classic and simple zebra nail design, combine the white and black nail polish. Make sure you combine the color which contrasts each other. For example, the vibrant pink and black.

Brushes become the most important kit in creating the zebra nail design. For the longer nails, use a normal thick brush for your nail design. On the other hand, use a very detailed brush for you who have short nails and small beds. You can make the pattern of zebra by paint the stripes horizontally or vertically. Or you can also use ‘V’ motion or ‘Z’ motion on your nails.
















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