Ultimate Tips to Rock Your Surprise Wedding Ideas

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Surprise, surprise! Imagine how exciting it is to see the surprised face on your friends and family’s face knowing it is not an ordinary get-together moment they are attending since it is your wedding instead. If you plan to throw a surprise wedding, you may find this article will be a great reading for you. You have seen there are many surprise wedding ideas you can steal. However, you surely need to read these tips in planning a surprise wedding first before executing!


First of all, be more considerate towards people’s feeling. Will any of surprise wedding ideas you want to do be a pleasant surprise? Your friends probably will feel they should dress up a little and your family can feel like they’re left out on planning the wedding with you. Before you finally decide to throw surprise wedding, you can weigh this factor as first consideration. If necessary, you can talk about the wedding first to your family who may be emotionally and physically affected if they’re not told.

It does not matter how exciting the surprise wedding ideas are. What is also important is to ensure the without them knowing wedding guests will arrive on time. You can convince them by telling there will be a special entertainment is about to happen at the time and you do not want them to miss it. You may also want to conduct the dress code too. Then, it’s recommended to have a celebrant state or MC to announce what is actually going to happen so your guests have time to digest the news before finally chatting and laughing.


Last but not least, though, you need to check if the law requires you to sign Notice of Intended Marriage before executing any of surprise wedding ideas you want to rock. Typically, the legal document must be signed by both bride and groom a month and a day before the planned surprise wedding date.