An Ultimate Guide to Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas You Have to Know

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Well, you may have seen there are many amazing and beautiful wedding vow renewal ideas… and you want to have one. Whether it is for the 25th anniversary vow renewal or to start over everything after all those years of disastrous marriage days, we suggest you to know the basics first. Today, we will cover essential things about wedding vow renewal you will find important to know first before finally having your own wedding vow renewal ceremony.


In general, there are no many dos and don’ts for wedding vow renewal ideas—luckily! It can be as simple as a small ceremony with you two reciting the vows you have made together, either alone or with guests attending. However, there are still some things people will find inappropriate in a ceremony for wedding vow renewal. For example, you will not need attendants. Instead, give the children special role in the ceremony without the need of bridesmaid or groomsmen.


More things people will find inappropriate for wedding vow renewal ideas also include the registry for gifts. The main purpose of wedding gifts is to help the bride and groom setting up their household together—and you are not likely new couple. Another thing you should avoid is throwing a bachelor or bachelorette party. It’s obvious to see why, isn’t it? Oh, and don’t forget that the main purpose of wedding vow renewal is not because of you miss the party. That wouldn’t be an appropriate reason to do one.

Since the chance is you have married legally before, the wedding vow renewal ideas do not have to include legal binding. Instead, you can ask a clergy member or a judge to officiate, or even your adult child or a fried to lead the ceremony. If it is a simple ceremony for wedding vow renewal, the chance is no officiate required at all.