Plus Size Wardrobe Essentials

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Plus Size Wardrobe Essentials. Plus size women already have a choice when it comes to fashionable garment, season to season apparel, and basic closet clothing. Nowadays there are more fashionable plus size clothing than compared with the older times when fuller- body women had to reconcile with dull large fit apparel. Curveous women should always wear the right size clothing because baggy pants and hanging clothing makes the person wearing it look bigger.
No plus size wardrobe is complete without the following classic apparel items that are basic and can be combined with many other piece of clothing:

My personal favorite is the plus size denim. It is trendy and casual, good-looking and can be worn with a blouse or tshirt, jumper or jacket, sweater or turtleneck. Fortunately there is a great variety of cuts and styles of plus size jeans on the market. Boot cut jeans will work the magic. They flatter any body frame and body type. If you want to disguise your belly area avoid wearing extremely low-rise jeans. Tapered jeans occasionally come into and go out of fashion. Tapered leg jeans or pants look better on tall women. The most flattering are medium and dark wash plus size jeans.

White Dress Blouse. White blouse goes with virtually anything in your closet, from a pair of plus size denim to black dress pants. If you have a casual date you can pair the white blouse with a pair of khaki pants, casual shoes and some fun jewelry and you will be ready to go. If you have business meeting or job interview, for example, complement your white button- down blouse with black dress pants, and black pumps.

Little Black Dress aka cocktail dress. Ever since this classy apparel was created by Coco Chanel it has become one of the most popular women’s piece of garment. Being overweight doesn’t mean you cannot look sexy in a trendy simple black dress which length can be a couple of inches below the knee line.

Black Dress Pants. Black dress pants go with every item of your wardrobe. You can dress them to the nines, wear them with the last item of the list tailor fit black jacket, put on your white dress blouse and a cardigan, or just a simple camisole. Black dress pants are perfect for office work and semi- formal occasions where you will not feel comfortable wearing a skirt.

Fitted Black Jacket (tailored black jacket). The jacket should fit you well, not too loose or too tight. It is essential your black pants and fit black jacket to be of the same color shades so you can combine them.

These basic closet items can serve as a foundation of many outfits when you combine them with any trendy or fashionable item in your closet. Now you can utililize your entire wardrobe. The best part is that these versatile items of apparel are not necessarily expensive.