How to Do Fishtail Braid Black Hair?

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The fishtail braid black hair is the evidence when the creativity meets the hair. You can get art in motion through your hairstyle only by making beautiful braid. This article will give you general instruction how to create fishtail braid.

Fishtail Braid Black Hair for How to Do Fishtail Braid Black Hair?

Instructions to Make Fishtail Braid Black Hair

Fishtail braid hairstyles for African Americans is one of the hairstyle that should be mastered well, since they are gifted with natural black and thick hair. For them, it only takes couple of minutes to make stunning braid for their hair. They even make tight and small braid that can be used for a month. Yes, this is one of the tricks to save the time for their hair styling for every day used.

Here is general instruction that easy to follow to get beautiful fishtail braid hairstyles for African Americans. You can simply adopt the steps, or you can read as your reference, then you can make space for your creativity by creating another fishtail braid with your own style.

First of all, you can start from brushing your hair. You can put it on loose side-pony tail. When you making side pony tail, you do not need to put hair tie on the top of your hair, however, when you put a hair tip it would be easier for you to manage your hair. The second step, you should split your pony tail into two even part. Then, take small strand of your hair from one half of the pony tail. Please note that your fishtail braid will look better when you take your hair from your back hair or back part of your pony tail.

Continue to cross the small strand that you picked up, over to the other half. This step is quite crucial and it would not be noticeable at the first. You can repeat this step with the other half by taking small strand and cross it to the other half. Keep repeating these steps until you get your hair braided up to the bottom.  If you pin your hair on the top before braid it up, you can gently pull the tie to the bottom part of your hair to tight the braid, make sure that it is tight enough not to make your braid out of order. If it is necessary wrap the bottom around. If you did not use hair tie from the beginning, then you can just put the tie on the bottom of the braid when you are done.