8 Cool and Excellent Styles of Box Braids for Men You Must Know

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Box braids for men would create cool and excellent styles. That’s why you should know a few ideas that might you try. Through a few steps, you modify and integrate the ideas to something more interesting.

Excellent Box Braids for Men Ideas 2017 

Let’s get through some of the best box braids hair styles. There are many options such as Single Long Braid, Two Chunky Braids, Bunch of Dreads, and many more. So these are what you should know:

  • Single Long Braid. There are a lot of easy ways if you have long hair. Compared with short hair, we find something very flexible. With this style, we made a long braid until pursed. A style that is very neat, effective, and certainly masculine.


  • Two Chunky Braids. Most men feel free to braid their hair. But with two braids, you can actually look very cool. We can call this as one of the different styles because you need courage to look eccentric.


  • Micro Braids. A little funny and you may only regard this as ridiculous. But fashion is a matter of courage and confidence. Therefore, you should consider and compare it.


  • Short Dreadlocks. Manly and kinky idea. A combination with a simple touch, but very convincing. Only with the undershirt, you can look cool.


  • Pigtail. This is somewhat similar to a single long braid. But you’re not going to do anything at the top of your head. You only need to braid at the back until the end.


  • Braided Bunch. Tiny and natural braids, when you tie them to be rather messy. A little sloppy with tiny pigtails will help to boost your appearance. You could come across as a gentleman with a complete suit. But you can also combine this with a leather jacket and a black shirt.


  • Braided Section. Make a tight braid to enhance elegant style. Perhaps this is one of the unique haircuts, but it is also very flexible to implement.


  • Cute Thin Dreads. You have long hair, but do not want to bind it. So, you can braid them into small parts, and make a difference from previous style.


As long as you can create a nice fusion between fashion and accessories, you can style any hair. Prepare the steps to make a cool style of hair braids. Also, you should be careful in choosing a shampoo with special care. So, those are 8 cool and excellent options of box braids hairstyle.