All about Dollar Shave Club for Women

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What can we say about Dollar Shave Club? Is there any dollar shave club for women, since shaving is often categorised as a man’s job? Moustache and beard can be quite troublesome for some of them. Just like their favourite tagline: “Look, feel, and shave like a million bucks.” Some men even have serious confidence issues regarding their body hair, although they prefer to keep it that way.

About Shave Club for Women

Some women are gifted – or according to some, have unfortunately inherited – the genes which give them more body hair than other women. If you love wearing short sleeves and short skirts, than can be a serious problem. That can do some serious issues to your self-confidence, which is why shave club for women exists, just for you. Not believing it? Go check these facts out regarding these products before you decide to try. After that, you will see its benefits for you.

Women’s Number One Favorites from the Dollar Shave Club

When men shave their moustache and beard, women shave their legs, arms, and armpits. The last detail might gross you out, but hey…let’s just admit it. Men love seeing women wearing short sleeves…and also sleeveless tops. You do not want to look like you have not gone to the hair salon and spa in ages for treatments. In order to look good wearing your tube top and halter-neck dress, some things need to be shaved. This is why Dollar Shave Club for women exists.

About 4X & the Executive Shave Club

No, we are not talking about some four-wheel drive. 4X is more than just your average shaver. It is called 4X for an obvious reason: its four stainless steel blades and wide open back make it easier for you to rinse. That is why there is no trace of cream left in any of its steels. Shaving with this razor is four times faster and much more satisfying than your regular razor. 4X is definitely a Dollar Shave Club for women, since most of them seek for softer, much smoother skin. No more lack of confidence when you go out wearing your shorts and sleeveless top.

The Favorite Dollar Shave Club Review

So far, women’s number one favorites according to dollar shave club review are 4X and The Executive. Then what about the Executive? Just like the name, it also offers something better, more first-class than ever. If 4X has got four stainless steel blades within, then this one has got six. Six! Imagine that. Does that mean this razor shaves much better than the other one?

Well, once again, it depends on what you need. It is also packed with a trimmer edge built-in right on the back of the cartridge. With Aloe, Vitamin E, and lavender as lubricant, this razor just really works wonders to moisturize and calm your sensitive skin. So, no more worries about skin allergies or other negative reactions when using this razor. It makes you think that dollar shave club for women is really, really for you.

So, What Else Are You Waiting For?

Shaving can be quite a drag, but we need to do that. So, what else are you waiting for? These two razors are perfect to solve your skin problem called “too much hair”. Surely, you are more than welcomed to try other products made by Dollar Shave Club. Make sure that you are not on your period or suffering from other medical conditions related to your skin, though. During that time, women’s skin can get hyper-sensitive.

With dollar shave club for women, you will feel much more beautiful, confident, and powerful.