Cool and Exciting Baseball Wedding Ideas for Baseball Fans

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Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to wedding theme ideas. There are many unique and irregular wedding themes you can find—some you’ll love it, some you don’t. Well, it is undoubtedly true that people want to have their favorite things as part of their nuptial, including the sport themed weddings. If you are sport fan, especially baseball, then these cool baseball wedding ideas definitely are not supposed to be missed.

You can start the baseball wedding ideas from your wedding photographs. Simply taking pictures on the stadium surely will be a cool idea to rock, especially if you can incorporate baseball-related thingy into the pictures. For example, rather than bothering yourself wearing your high heels to take pictures for wedding photographs, what about fabulously matching your gown with baseball shoes? If possible, you can even arrange to have your wedding in the stadium with baseball wedding decor for extra flair!



Well, speaking of wedding decorating for baseball wedding ideas, you surely want to pay close attention to smaller items too. For example, what about baseball themed boutonniere? Using baseball mitt as a ring pillow is also a cool idea rather than going ordinary with conventional ring holder. Oh, you can ask for custom baseball themed ring holder too! Alternatively, what about baseball table number for your reception?


Wedding decoration aside, there are still more elements you want to exploit in baseball theme too. For example, design your wedding invitation in baseball theme. You can even find baseball wedding ideas which invitations are brilliantly designed to resemble the game tickets. What about the wedding favors? The baseball themed wedding favors definitely will match the wedding theme perfectly while offering unique memorabilia to your guests. You can also plan the wedding bar to serve snacks commonly found in baseball match too—hotdog, potato wedges, and soft drinks served in paper cups.