8 Popular and Awesome Box Braid Hair Styles of This Year (2017)

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A lot of fashion statements we can get from box braid hair styles. Men and women are attracted to reveal their other side in order to create a dynamic life. It is not excessive when you also want to change your appearance, starting from the haircut. However, the box braid has a different appeal and it is very remarkable to be applied. So, it wouldn’t hard to know some popular and awesome options that we will talk below.


Popular Box Braid Hair Styles 2017 

So, here are eight popular and awesome options for you:

  • Twisted Updo. One of the best from box braid updos. Something elegant, yet very complicated because you have to prepare small plaits and braid them in the rear. Another interesting thing is side parts which will remind you on a wild style.

  • Updo with Bangs. Almost identical with the previous style, but you need some bobby pins to create a chignon. With proper structuring, this really is the most graceful style.


  • Bow Locs. You can create eccentric style, especially if you want to forward the bangs. To add a new idea, you can put a jewel in the center of bangs.


  • Side Swept Braids. The lovely idea that you can make on few steps. You will indeed need a lot of time, but this will always be clean, neat, and practical for your long hair.



  • Pompadour. In any case, we should not skip this option. Pay attention to any differences worn by the women. You should also be able to develop other ideas from the coils of long hair.


  • Bantu Knots. What is this? Such twisted styles that will make you feel more comfortable and practical. It is a style that is perfect for those of you who want to clean neck from hair.


  • Double Bun. You want to attend a party? And you want to look glamorous? Try this style, wrapped in two buns on top of your head. It did not take long, and you will really love this.


  • Pinup Style. It would be very suitable if combined with retro style. You can use a scarf to tie the head, and adjust your fashion.


Building character from the hairstyle is a step that creates new challenges. If you have difficulty in arranging the hair style, you can check popular examples. Moreover, there are more choices, each of which has a unique ways to create box braiding hairstyles.