Key to Selecting the Best Bathing Suits for Curvy Women

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It is a great thing to be a girl! We can combine whatever in our wardrobe. Yes, we you create your own style in particular fashion look that fits into your body shape. For example, as summer approaching, usually girls are working so hard to get their desire curvy shape body for sun bathing in the beach. They have tight workout and diet so they could fit their summer bathing suits for curvy women perfectly. As they have a curvy body shape from their tight workout and diet, they also pick a certain bathing suit to highlight their curvy body. There are tons of bathing suits for curvy women out there, moreover nowadays the clothing and fashion industry understands the need of their customer and tries to satisfy them. Here is couple of recommendation of swimsuit for you who have a curvy body.

Choose an Appropriate Swimsuit for Curves

Before you proceed to read to whole article, please note that the best way to rock your bathing suit is to be confident on wearing it. So, you can wear your old swimsuits on one fine summer day comfortably if you set your mindset with confidence. One instance, sometimes stripe swimsuits are also suitable for curvy body. You can wear a horizontally stripe suit on your curvy body, if it is possible you can combine several colors in one suits. The tips on choosing this pattern on your curvy body is choosing the bigger stripe instead of the smaller or thinners one.


The Most Flattering Swimsuits for Curvy Body

One important thing on choosing a bathing suit for curvy women: know which parts of your body you want to boast and which ones you want to hide. This means you need to highlight you plus and conceal your flaws. This way, you can have the most flattering swimsuits for your summer.


The Swimsuits for Curvy Body

You can play up your curvy figure with a patterned tank top featuring underwire support and a plunging neckline in solid print. Don’t forget to choose the colors and fabrics that will highlight your best asset on your body. You should also consider your skin tone on choosing the swimsuits for curvy body. If you have pale skin, use black or dark and deep tones colors, like dark purple, navy blue or maroon. If you have dark skin, bright colors may the best options.

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You can add or hide a volume too, such as your add the volume of your bust or hips or hide the volume of your waist. Do this when choosing the bathing suits for curvy women. You can play up with the fabric or the cutting style. For example, to add the volume of the hips you can choose a piece with ruffles in this area and to hide your waist you can use shirred fabric.

The Best Swimsuits for Curvy Hips

People said that a curvy hip makes a born mother or “Child-bearing hips”. Thus, if you are one of those women who have this shape of hips, you have to proud of it and confidence to flaunt your hips on swimsuits for curvy hips. For instance, while the patterned swimsuit is usually best for the smaller hips, the solid color of swimsuits will give you a great look. Thus, if you want to reveal your hips, you can choose solid black color or even solid bright color like light blue color.


It is a common knowledge that the first step to choose the best swimsuit for you is knowing your body shape. Look your overall figure in the mirror, have a thorough look on where you naturally distribute weight to know your body shape. At the end, determine which swimsuit will look best on you. When you have a curvy body shape, the bathing suits for curvy women of course will be the greatest suit for your body.