5 Popular and Trendy African American Hair Braiding Styles You Should Know

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Talking about African American hair braiding will never make you feel satisfied. It is fashion and culture inherited from a long history tradition. Men and women can apply this hair style, even in the easy ways. Some options must be created with complex steps, but they can be learned through a short process.


Popular African American Hair Braiding Styles 

There are many options that you should know to add new knowledge about this from African American hair braiding styles pictures. Obviously, you want to try one or more of the style collection. So, here are 5 popular and trendy hair braiding styles you should know.


  1. Havana Twists

It is a popular style that is usually encountered at some parties. On the one hand, this is a hairstyle that is very complicated and can take a lot of time. We should braid all parts of the strands of hair, and then bind them as you wish. There is a style braid on the side, which is fused at the top of the head. Or, you can leave them as flowing hair. Uniquely, we can also make thin braids and tie them at the top.

  1. Janet Braids

It is an awesome style and very easy to adapted in every fashions. The thin braids are combined to chic styles which can be found in summer. You should try the perfect bun with simple steps. You only unite them in a bond in the back, and then give a little touch of the accessories. Or, you can leave it just like that, because this could be a very practical style.



  1. French Braids

If you need more a cutting-edge style, you should try it. The combination of African braids hair style with the European nobility. Well, it is not redundant because in a bond braid, you wrapped it in your head. You just need to weave small pieces, and put them on your top. Please, check the examples if you want to know more about it.



  1. Cornrows

It might be the coolest African braid you can make. A little piece of curly, and bind them into a more creative style.




  1. Fish Braids

Make it something more complicated, and it would be very suitable for those of you who want a practical style but artistic.

There are more styles of braids that can be found in a number of references. Yet, you only need a few examples that might be inspirational. You can combine any idea to create the most comfortable style. If you need more information, please check on African American hair braiding styles pictures.