5 Common Mistakes of Applying Bob Haircuts for Black Hair

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You might not aware that there are so many mistakes of applying bob haircuts for black hair. It is unfortunate when most people also do not understand such problems. They still retain the ideas which actually not relevant to their appearance. What is the solution? Obviously, we must understand different matters that can worsen such bob haircut appearance.


Common Mistakes of Bob Haircuts for Black Hair

 So, here are five common mistakes you should know from bob cuts with black hair.

  • Face Shape

You must know that it wouldn’t easy to create bob haircuts for long faces. Short cuts can lead to an unbalanced condition on face and hair. Moreover, if you have a long neck, it just looks awkward. If you want to use a bob haircut, please adjust to your face shape. There are several types of faces such as round, oval, and long. In fact, we can find different types, such as box face.

  • Hair Thickness

Too thin or too thick is a similar problem. The only solution is doing such right treatment. Moreover, we should cut off at the right way which should not be too long or short.

  • Over Confidence

Everyone has a different confidence. Lack of confidence is a big problem for you. Yet, over confidence will worsen your cuts. You should take inspiration from renowned magazines, with the recommendation of experts. But, will they suit you? If you want to apply a bob haircut, make it as natural hair styles. Please make comparisons, taking into consideration the hair type, face shape, preferential treatment, and so on. Then, you can apply the best of exploration with your new bob hairstyle.

  • Less Treatment

It is a fatal mistake, especially for those of you who have bad hair types. Learn about your hair type, and how it can be adapted to bob haircut. Normally, we wash every two days. Some people do it to excess. Too often wash can damage hair quality, especially in the roots and thickness. But you will face a similar problem if you don’t take care of it regularly.

  • Wrong Combination

Bob haircut is a cool style that can be used by every woman. But you should be able to combine it with the best fashion. So, you can’t compel certain clothing or accessories.


Please understand that you might find your best ideal bob haircut on different ways. So, you better take such chances to get more inspirations such as bob haircuts for thick wavy hair.