White Nail Tips, Get Inspired and Do It Patiently

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White nail polish gives a fresh and natural looks on women’s nail. Sometimes, it is tricky to polishes your nail with white polish. Therefore, I will give you white nail tips and idea designs to help you resolve this problem.

White Nail Tips – Do and Don’t

Here are the things you should consider before applying white nail polish on your nails:

  1. White nail often considered as good only for tanned or darker skin. It looks really good because the white nail is contrasted to the color of their skin. Is that true? In fact, all skin color can use white nail polish! Why not? A celebrity like Scarlett Johansson also use white nail polish and she looks gorgeous with her style. Creamy beige and soft white are some options for white color which are neutral for all skin color. Perhaps, the most important is to do the polishes properly whether you do it by yourself or by professional.
  2. Remember to prepare base coat and top coat. Base coat is so important to prevent your polish from wearing off. On the other hand, the top coat will protect your nail color against scratches, chips and another annoying dings. If you use top coat to your white nail every night, your nail will be looked fresh every day.
  3. Patient is the key of doing white nail polish. The top coat that is polished before polished the white polish takes a longer time to dry. So, I suggest you to do the white nail by reading magazines or watching television to kill your boredom.

How to Do White Nail Tips

  1. Clean your nails and make it dry.
  2. Prepare the base coat, top coat and the white polish, for example, you can use China Glaze White on White. Since it is only an example, you can choose any brands and any white color which you think suits you most.
  3. Thin and sheer coats with plenty time of drying it before you want to polish the nails. Well, as I said before, this white nail needs your patience.
  4. Voila! That’s what you see, a good looking white nail. Hmm, if you are worrying the white nail just like a “white-out”, don’t really mind it. At least, you’ve tried your best! Or if you want to do it perfectly, just ask the professional get it done for you.

Designs for White Nail Tips

There are some designs for white nail tips. Since white is the basic color, it will be good to have some designs on your nail tips. You can use another color to be polished, for example black. You can draw stripes like zebras, skulls, or anything else. Just be creative to make your designs. You can also add decos or beads to make it different.