Shades Of Brunette Hair Color For Hipster Hairstyle

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Shades of brunette hair color have become the trend hair color in 2017. Brown hair color not only bring neutral ambience but also this warm color fits to the climate changes these days. One of the most popular style and fashion is hipster. Hipster or “hip” is related to current or what is in trend at the moment. Most popular celebrities this day also look in shades of brunette hair color. Have a look on Kate Middleton, Anne Hathaway, Nicole Richie, Kristen Stewart, Angelina Jolie are pretty brunette that makes hipster hairstyle become so popular this day.

The basic style of hipster hairstyle is to style your healthy looking hair naturally. Shades of brunette hair color has become very popular hair color for hipster not only that it a neutral, earthy and natural hair color that fits to all skin colors, now there are many of hips brown hair colors that will give you different looks.

Golden brown

This shades of brunette hair color not only will give you warm look but also rich and glamorous. This hair color will fits best for hipster that like casual performance at her daily basis but aiming to look retro glamorous when she decides to become the centre of attentions. This hair color will look best for those with olive skin tone. The golden color will enhance your glow. Check on the golden brown babes such as Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba for you hipster golden brown inspirations.

Dark brown

Dark brown is so ‘in’ right now. Many blonde babes have turn into dark brown hair color at the moment. Check on Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Drew Barrymore and Olsen sisters believe that dark brown colors give them mature and elegant look. If you are looking for true hipster as your inspiration, check on Rachel McAdams, Joeey Deschanel or Alexa Chung mahogany hair colors. With subtle highlights like caramels for olive skin tone, or auburn for rose skin tone, subtle highlights are the secret beauty of the hipsters.

Caramel highlights

Caramel is one of the hottest shades of brunette hair color for highlights. Caramel highlight to your brown hair color will result in warm and sweet effects. Try ombre highlights or balayage subtle highlights style to obtain your sexy and sweet performance. For more hipster touch, add the caramel highlights on the tips of your hair strands and curl your hair overnight for natural ‘bed look’.

Auburn hair color

For those who feel difficult to decide to get into red or shades of brunette hair color, auburn is a great solution. Auburn is a reddish brown hair color that looks really great on those who have cool skin tone, or rose skin tone.  Auburn hair color available in dark, medium and light which allow you to experience more in low lights and highlights depends on your chosen base auburn color. Auburn hair color will work best for hipster hairstyle as long as you stick to the idea of being neutral and natural.