New Trend: Burgundy Shirts for Women at Work

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Burgundy Shirts for Women at Work. In giving a cool and serious look, people usually math white shit with any kind of bottom. Nowadays, use white shirt at work in order to give a reliable look become less popular. Maybe, it is because women want to have a new different type of shirt, other than white or ivory color, which can pulls of serious and reliable look but still giving romantic and girly feeling. And, then, here comes the color of burgundy. Burgundy shirts at work take the spotlight, right now.


Women’s Fashion Tops in Burgundy Color

Let’s take a closer look of these women’s fashion tops. Burgundy comes in the family color of red, but darker than the normal red color. Its shades are like the darkness of red wine. Maybe, it is coming from the combination of red and black, thus the result comes on strong. Burgundy is a bit different from any other dark red color, such as oxblood, cordovan and maroon. Subtlety, oxblood color usually comes in the color of red with a little of blue. The origin of cordovan has a fairer color of light brown on it as it is originated from equine leather which is usually used in the shoe making. But overall, you can’t disregard burgundy color as it truly can make some people in awe.

Using Burgundy Shirt at Work

If you want to change your look at the working place, then choosing to wear this kind of shirt may be a good idea. These days, some people start to think that a dark look in any color is not bad. Black has been known as a color that can give a serious look on you. So, why burgundy can’t do that? Just try this burgundy shirt as work and see its difference.

Burgundy Shirt is Dressy Women’s Top

If you are wondering if using this kind of tops would make you outdated, then no worries. It can come out as a suitable working top as it is casually pulls out the chic and serious look yet still can be said as dressy women’s top. The burgundy color for a shirt have enough popularity, as it is shown in many designs of the runaway use the color of burgundy as their main color.

Even now, popular designer around the world such as Giambattista Valli, Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, and Monique Lhuillier can be seen to use this color as one of the designs which always has to be given to the customer. In addition, its popularity reached the well-known celebrities like which you can see wearing Burgundy shirts for womens just fine. So, why you can’t have it? Don’t you want to become like them?


Choosing Burgundy as Your Choice of Women’s Top

Maybe one of the reason in choosing this burgundy women’s top despite other color options like white, black, blue, green, red or yellow, is due to its color which has a unique accent which actually can accentuate a contemporary feeling without erasing the work attire that you have to always pulls off.

There are two types of burgundy colors too, which are old burgundy and vivid burgundy, which will bring different atmosphere when you wear it at work. Old burgundy is coming in the darker shade of burgundy color, making you to comes as a good senior worker yet still reliable. Vivid burgundy is in the brighter shade of burgundy color, that it would make you to be easier to reach out by other people. So, which kind of Burgundy shirts for women at work you would like to try on?