Natural Black Hair With Caramel Highlights for a Super Stylish Look

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Shade of brunette is the latest hair trend color today. If you were not brown brunette, do not be in rush changing your hair color into brown hair color. Brown hair color is very rich in hair color shade as it is the basic color pigment for red hair color as well as blonde. If you were born with black hair color, do not be disappointed. Brown will look awesome in your as well as your natural color, but before changing your tone color to brown, maybe you want to try different black hair color combination such as black hair with caramel highlights for a super stylish look.

Other than brunette, black hair color is the trend color for young teenagers. Black color is the base hair color for scene or gothic hairstyle. Therefore, those who were born with black hair are very lucky. People in Asia and Middle East mostly were born in black hair. Black hair can be great but also boring if you stay with black hair for the rest of your life. Black hair with caramel highlights for example, is a great idea for those who want to add warmth to their look.

People with dark tone colors will look like having brighter tone in jet black hair color. However pale skin person in black will look even whiter or cold. Adding highlights to black hair such as bronze, red, purple, caramel may give different moods and if all you want is a makeover, change your hair color is the best solution.

Long wavy black hair with caramel highlights on the hair tips

Most Asian was born with straight black hair. This hairstyle idea will gives you complete makeover in texture and color. Using the ombre highlights technique, color the tips of your hair with caramel colors. To get the maximum shine from the caramel highlights, you need to bleach your hair to make the color pigment penetrate the hair shaft easier. Natural black hair has the strongest pigment compare to others. This is why it is important to pay attention on bleaching process. Bleach may cause dry hair. Apply leave in conditioner naturally after the coloring process to stay having shiny caramel highlights. Simply use curling iron to add texture to your straight hair that will make the ombre effect stuns out.

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Peek a boo black hair with caramel highlights for scene hair style

This hair color style is great for teenagers who want to try different style. If you have natural black hair color, simply divide your hair into two sections, then color your underneath hair with caramel colors. The idea of scene hairstyle is to show contrast. This is why once again, bleaching process is important. Secure the top hair sections with plastic hair cap. Bleach the underneath area then leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse well then dye it with caramel highlight colors. Use Feria by L’Oreal or Ulta Color by Garnier for great caramel hair color results.

Is Dark Hair With Caramel Highlights Right for You?


If you don’t like extreme highlights idea, try this simple but stylish black hair with caramel highlights. Simply add caramel highlights on your fringe or side hairs to create subtle frame to your face. Don’t forget to carefully bleach the hair sections before adding highlight color.

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