Hipster Hairstyle For Girls

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Hipster is a sub culture trend in America that was appeared in early 1990’s. Hipster basically is about anything, any styles that is not related or attached to a mainstream style. Madonna is an example of trendsetter of hipster style. From messy to classic, indie to label, low fashion to high fashion gives no limit or identity to hipster hairstyle. Some people define hipster as part of hippies’ style where people dress up in whatever style and mood they have. The key of hipster hairstyle for girls is to do more with less.  Taking clothes from thrift store to create your own style is another example of hipster fashion. Now, how about hipster hairstyle for girls? Hipster hairstyle for girls is not limited, but can be described as simple and fresh. From long loose wavy hair to spiky cut are categorized as hipster hairstyle for girls.  Add you own identity is a secret of being a hipster girl. Here is some hipster hair ideas for you daily activities.

Casual hairstyle

The key of hipster style is being casual with lots of ideas. As long as you prior on simplicity and comfort, you might not realize that you have been being hipster. Whatever hair color you have, hipster hairstyle for girls should look effortless stylish. For example, you have a pastel pink purple hair colors, but you simply leave your hair down wavy and voluminous, and make up your face in nude make up colors. That is hipster. Bed look hair, side volume pony tail, high messy bun are just view of hipster casual hairstyle for girls.

Short pixie or spike hair cut

Other signature hipster hairstyle for girls is short pixie or spike hair. Short spike or pixie hair cut with geek sunglasses is very hipster. You can color your spike in anything, but as long as you put nude make up and dress up casual, you can look hipster. Many hipster girls like to cut their hair spike or pixie because the priority of hipster culture is simplicity, practicality and comfort.

Braids and twisted hairstyle

Who made braided and twisted hairstyle back into style? The answer is the hipsters. Celebrities like Nicole Richie, Natalie Portman and Kirsten Dunst are the trendsetters of hipster hairstyle for girls. Their effortless hairdo including braided and twisted hairstyle to red carpet has made this classic hairstyle turn into modern hairstyle.  Hipster braids and twisted are creative and once again casual. Simply twisted your side hair then bring it to the back for a different look or make a braid hair band for a party for your hipster statement looks.

Retro Glamorous for special occasion

Hipster knows how to be a star once they know they have to. Most hipsters turn out into retro glamour once they hit special occasion. You need to know your potential to show your glamour side. For example, if you have long hair, create a big wave volume hair to show a retro look with a glamour gown. Simply enhance your hair color and glows and leave it fall down naturally. Other special occasion hipster hairstyle for girls is low slung pony tail or simple low bun.