Cute Braided Hairstyle For Short Hair

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If you have a short hair sometimes you can be very bored with the same hairstyle as you cannot do much to your short hair. If you have enough length such as chin length side hair or fringe, it is possible to make braid or plait. Cute braided hairstyle for short hair can be great for any occasions, casual to formal.  Braided hair style was a classic or vintage hairstyle. This hairstyle has turn into retro modern hairstyle since many celebrities like to show up with this hairstyle. Braid hairstyles can be use to look both cute and elegant depend on how you bring it on. Here is what you need to create cute braided hairstyle for short hair :

  • Bobby pin
  • Hair pieces
  • Elastic bands
  • Hair gel or hair mousse

Braiding or plaiting short hair is more difficult than long hair. Therefore before braiding your short hair you need to apply hair gel or hair mousse to create rough and stiff texture that will make the braiding job easier.

Hair Band with Braids

This cute braided hairstyle for short hair is a great idea for those who have long side hair asymmetrical bob hairstyle. Simply create braid with the long side and front side hair to create your hair band. Use flower hair piece or cute pins to hide the imperfection or the ends of braids.

Side Braid for Feminine Look

Side braid hairstyle is the easiest hairstyle for a slight feminine look to your usual look. Simply make a small braid with the side hairs then pull it bad and secure with bobby pin.  If you want to bring this style for party or formal occasion, simply add feminine hairs piece like flowers or bows to the safety hair pin.

Braided Bangs

If you fade up with your long bangs, do not think to cut it straight away. Long bangs or fringe can be very useful for cute braid hairstyle for short hair. Simply make small braids with small sections with your bands and bring it along to the back. Secure them with cute pins or neutral pins if you want to add hair extensions or curl your back hair for voluminous look hair.

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Waterfall Short Braided

Waterfall short braided is a great idea to impress people with your hair. This cute braid hairstyle for short hair is impossible to be done yourself. Ask you sisters or friends to help you doing this hairstyle can be a fun pre party activity. Waterfall braids will look better in soft straight hair, as well as win hair with highlights. The idea is to create layers of falling hair with the braids. To make this braid, grab large hair section to another side of your hair. Secure the top section with bobby pin or elastic band so it will not go anywhere while braiding. Divide the large section into two sections, and after that take a little part of the hair part from the right side, then slide it into the left side part and keep continue the braid then secure the end with elastic band and bobby pin.