How to Make Natural, Homemade Bug Sprays For Pregnant Women?

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Insects or bugs often appear around house like kitchen, living room, dining room, and other places. They love dank places so they can breed themselves. Most of people usually use sprays or lotions to repellent the bugs. But what if pregnant women use the bug sprays to cast out the insects? As we know, the ingredients of sprays consist of strong chemical that can make us, sometimes feel nausea and hard to breath because we smell the fragrant of the sprays. Instead of using chemical sprays, we can make homemade natural bug sprays for pregnant women, which is not difficult to make.

What Is the Effect of Bug Sprays for Pregnant Women

Sprays for insects have common chemical ingredients called DEET (Diethyitoluomide), tar, icadirin, catnip, and essential oil as a fragrance. For over 20 years, DEET has been proved by many researchers as a secure ingredient and most of the study said that bug sprays for pregnant women are naturally safe. The question is, is there the effect for the baby itself? As long as the women use it carefully, it will not cause anything, but it can help prevent the virus such as zika, malaria and other disease. The natural affects when using the spray for most of people are hard to breath (for a while), nausea, and headache. That is why we must wear mask while cast out the insect by using spray.

How to Use Bug Sprays Carefully

When we buy bug sprays, we can see the ingredients and how to use it at label instructions. Here are some ways to use spray carefully:

  1. Don’t apply the spray to irritated skin or wounds,
  2. Wear a mask when spray,
  3. Place the spray far away from children,
  4. Wash hands before and after using spray,
  5. If swallowed while spraying, drink lot of water then see the doctor.

Is Using Off Lotion Safe for Pregnant Women

Instead of sprays, there is another option to repellent bugs or insects by using lotion to the skin. Most of lotions use essential oil as a moisturizer, so our skin not gets dry. Same as sprays, lotion uses DEET as an active ingredient, and the researcher has been proved that using off lotion safe for pregnant women. For irritated skin, stop applying it when the skin gets itchy or red.

All the products have label instruction as prevention from accident. For your information, even the lotions are safe to use, but DEET as the main ingredient can damage our skin if we use it frequently. DEET itself is also known to cause some problems such as blistering or soreness and rashes to the skin. This is the reason why we have to use bug sprays for pregnant women, carefully.

How to Make Natural Insect Repellent for Pregnancy

Because DEET can have effects for most of people especially pregnant women, we can make homemade natural insect repellent for pregnancy. It is not difficult to make and the important things are, it’s cheaper and safe. These are steps how to make natural sprays for insects:

  1. Essential oil
  2. Alcohol
  3. Vinegar or water
  4. Glycerin

Mix all the ingredients and put it in the bottle of sprays. If you cannot find the essential oil, you can use dried herbs. This is the safest way using bug sprays for pregnant women.