Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights For Fresh And Younger Look

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Adding highlights to your dark hair color not only will enhance your skin glow but also make you look younger. If you find it difficult to trust this theory, you need to check on celebrities who start coloring their hair in lighter shade as   soon as they reach 40. Check on Madonna, Julia Robert and Victoria Beckham hair style and hair colors these days. Brown hair with caramel highlights can be the latest trend hair color for this spring summer but long way before, this hair color combination has been used as popular hair color solution for mature age.

Due to the aging, skin color can lose its moisture as it’s also produce less pigment. Dark hair color on mature age will make pale skin look even paler, that it makes your wrinkles look obvious. Light hair colors when too light will make you look dull. The solution is to stay with base dark hair color and add subtle highlights that will warm up your look.

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Brown hair color is a perfect color for mature age as mahogany, burgundy; chestnut will give natural elegant look. When combine with light brown color such as bronze, honey, gold or caramel as highlights, it will result in rich and glamorous look. Brown hair with caramel highlight is a best choice for those who deal with stubborn grey. The caramel colors will hide the grey even dry hair. Check on this brown hair with caramel highlights hair color ideas.

Chestnut brown hair with caramel highlights

Chestnut is best color for those who have olive skin tone. If you have brown hazel eyes or green eyes, the chestnut color will add extra warmth to your natural glow. If you have straight soft hair, try to add subtle thin caramel lights simply to frame your face. If you have long hair, do not wait to try ombre or balayage caramel highlights, of course, with the help of professional.

Light natural brown hair with caramel highlights

If you are thinking about best hair color for your summer days on the beach, then light brown hair color with subtle caramel highlights can be a great choice. You will get more tan because of the sun exposure. Anticipate your dull looking skin by adding caramel highlights that will warm up your whole performance. Try light natural brown colors like honey brown and sand beige brown hair color.

Espresso hair color with caramel highlight

If you have a very short hair like pixie hair cut, combination of dark brown hair color with caramel highlights will make you look forward and sophisticated. Think about dark brown hair such as espresso or mahogany for the roots, firstly to cover gray, then add subtle highlights on the tips and your fringe in caramel or golden brown hair color.

Copper –caramel mixture hair color

This hair color is for those who dare to look different. Copper hair color is bright itself. The addition of caramel hue will soften and add elegance to your performance. The trick is to add make the color combination as subtle as possible with balayage or ombre highlights style.