Summer Brown and Blonde Hair Color Ideas 2017

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Brown hair color shade is the happening hair color trend 2017. The good thing about brunette hair color shades is that you can be brunette whether you have warm or cool skin tone. There are many new popular shades of brown hair color such as coffee caramel, honey brown and champagne. Seems summer delights have turn into inspiration for brown and blonde hair color ideas.

Looking at the climate change seems that you need to stay warm with your brown and blonde hair color ideas to avoid getting cold. How about espresso with caramel highlight or medium auburn with strawberry blonde highlights? Seems delighting and pretty sure it will make you looks yummy as well.

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Before pick up your brown and blonde hair color ideas, how about checking on your tone and undertone, just to make sure you will pick up great color for your natural shade. If you are not sure to get enough tan for your olive skin, it will be better to play safe with neutral medium brown like chestnut for your hair color. Choose highlight that look subtle to your tone such as dark golden blonde, honey blonde or beige blonde for more natural look. For those with cool skin tone with rose undertone, auburn is a safe reddish brown hair color. Strawberry blonde is a great blonde highlight but you can try also sunflower blonde or honey blonde for more neutral effects.

Chin length bob with chestnut brown and blonde highlights


You are a true hipster if you like this color combination. Nothing will look more natural and chic at the same time then chin length bob in chestnut brown color. Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham are recently seen with this hair color combination. Add subtle blonde highlights like light blonde with caramels hue or honey blonde for natural look to your hipster hairstyle.

Layered cut espresso brown with caramel highlights

  Warm up your look with these natural brown and blonde hair color ideas. Whatever hair cut you have, short, medium length to long hair style, the combination of dark brown espresso or mahogany with caramel highlights will push you forward. The addition of caramel highlight is to soften and warm up your tone.

Wavy long brown and blonde ombre hairstyle

Ombre hairstyle is so hot at the moment. If you have a long hair, straight or wavy, you need to try this brown and blonde hair color ideas.  Choose your favorite brown shades. If you have pale skin tone, why not get into light auburn with strawberry blonde highlight to create cute ombre hairstyle. If you start with dirty blonde hair color, you need to dye your hair directly using strawberry blonde permanent hair color. If you start with red or brown hair color, you need to dye your hair into light auburn hair color. To get the maximum light, you may want to bleach your hair before. Use gloss effect highlights such as strawberry blonde or ash blonde on the tips of your hair fading out to your hair tips.